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Conclusion of Wrinkles in Overlamination Discussion

Over the past several months we have reviewed in detail several causes for wrinkles in overlamination:

  • Gauge variation of the web
  • Uneven roll tension (wind) from core to outer wrap
  • Variations in temperature and humidity
  • Roller misalignment and/or imbalance
  • Long, unsupported web lengths
  • Machine vibration

Hopefully it has become apparent how wrinkles can form during any web handling process (e.g. film manufacture, coating, converting, lamination). This makes preventing or identifying the root cause of a wrinkle issue a complex task, frequently necessitating a partnership between the owners of all processes involved in order to properly remedy the issue.

If you encounter wrinkles in your process, here are a few takeaways from our five part series you should highlight for future reference:

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Causes of Wrinkles In Overlamination – Part Four of Five Part Series

Continuing our discussion on various causes of wrinkles in overlamination, this next topic focuses on machine alignment, tension variation and temperature. Our mission is to educate our customers on the factors that may play a role in the formation of wrinkles throughout the value stream, including film production, adhesive coating and converting.

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Fisheyes and Overlaminate

What are fisheyes? / What causes fisheyes?

Fisheyes is a term used by label printers to describe randomly distributed ring-shaped marks that appear in most self-wounds. Fisheyes are a characteristic feature of self-wound films caused by air entrapment between the film and adhesive during the winding processes. As the roll builds up, the pressure on these ‘air pockets’ causes regional adhesive flow, creating the fisheye appearance.

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Labelexpo Europe 24-27 September 2013

labelexpo-europe-2013-logoVisit us in Brussels at stand 12T121 and discover how “Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that makes the difference.” In addition to general purpose polypropylene and polyester overlaminates, show visitors can expect to find more information on specialty products including: flexible packaging overlaminate, matte finish, laser printable, thermal transfer printable, UV screening, removable adhesive and overlaminates specifically for digital printers. Committed to innovation, acpo welcomes the opportunity to create custom products tailored to meet unique customer needs.