Stock Doctor – Answering your technical questions


How do I start a roll of self-wound overlaminate once there is a break?

Download our Stock Doctor Issue #2 for roll break instructions.

What causes fisheyes and do they wet out?

Ring-shaped marks called fish eyes appear in most self-wound overlaminates. The good news is fish eyes are not defects in the material. Read our Stock Doctor Issue #3 dedicated to educate you on fish eyes and help you produce a high quality finished label.

What causes label curl?

There are several reasons as to why your label may be curling after lamination. Our Stock Doctor Issue #4 addresses the different types of curl and possible solutions.

What are gauge bands?

Gauge bands are slight variations in film caliper that occur during the manufacturing process of raw film.  The good news is that gauge bands typically do not affect the label production process.  Read more in our Stock Doctor Issue #5.

How should I handle self-wound overlaminate?

Handle lamination with care and avoid nicks and cuts in rolls. Remember once the film’s edge is damaged, the material will definitely break when being processed. Please review our Stock Doctor Issue #1 for preventative maintenance tips for the do’s and don’ts of overlaminate roll handling.


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