Specialty Enrichment Films

For over 32 years, acpo has been devoted to manufacturing self-wound pressure sensitive films for the label and flexible package printing industries. In other words, we know overlaminate! So what do you do when you’re the leading overlaminate supplier in the world? You take it to the next level! 

Introducing our current line of enrichment films. Designed to enhance your label and flexible packaging projects, these specialty films will protect your product from counterfeiters, make your product sparkle and shine or feel soft as a feather.

Ideas – Development – Innovation

Glitter Overlaminate

521A – Gold Glitter Overlaminate

Flexible Packaging Overlaminate

High Oxygen Barrier Coated (print web, no adhesive):

OxP420 – 48 gauge PET
OxP218 – 92 gauge PET
OxPM420 – 48 gauge Matte PET
OxP560 – 36 gauge PET  – In development*
OxMET420 – 48 gauge Metallized PET In development*
OxPAX502 – 40 gauge AlOx PET In development*

*In development. Contact your Account Manager to discuss your application.

Self-Wound Sealant or Sealing Films:

BS27 – 1.4 mil clear BOPP
PS10 – 3.0 mil clear PE
PS20 – 1.9 mil clear PE
PSW20 – 1.9 mil white PE
CS15 – 2.4 mil clear cast BOPP
CSW15 – 2.4 mil white cast BOPP

Overlaminate Films:

410HS – 1.05 mil OPP (heat sealable) self-wound
648 – 0.98 mil PET (non-sealable) self-wound

Sofsens, a tactile treat for the senses. Soft as a feather yet strong and durable print protection for your product.

  • Enhance your label.
  • Non-glare look label applications
  • Luxury packaging
  • Health & beauty products
  • Thermal transfer printable
  • Smooth, velvet-like touch for high end look and feel
  • High durability and print protection only available in Sofsens
  • Matte finish enriches any label
  • Barrier technology available upon request

Available in:
Self Wound

0.50 mil – 643 Matte Polyester
0.92 mil – 697 Matte Polyester

Anti-Counterfeit Overlaminate Films

Auth-N-Tech Security Overlaminate with Vizilok Technology
Auth-N-Tech Security Overlaminate with Vizilok Plus Technology
Auth-N-Tech Security Overlaminate with Invizilok Technology
Auth-N-Tech Security Overlaminate with Invizilok Supreme Technology
Auth-N-Tech Security Overlaminate with Hidden Message Technology