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OxPAX502 O²xBloc Barrier Film

  • Product Number: OXPAX502 O²XBLOC BARRIER FILM
  • Face Finish: Clear
  • Film Mils: .404
  • Adhesive Mils:
  • Total Mils: .404
  • Available by 60" Master: Yes
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OxPAX502 O²xBloc Barrier Film

Product is currently in development. Contact your Account Manager to discuss your application.

A high clarity (transparent), non-chlorine, barrier coated, Aluminum Oxide Polyester (PET) film offering ultra-high oxygen barrier, thermal resistance and durability (flex crack resistance). This film can be used as an outer (reverse) print web in flexible packaging laminations where high oxygen barrier is needed, including gas flushable laminations. This film offers an alternative to chlorine based coating (PVDC) and other barrier coatings which are more susceptible to flex cracking.

Product Technical Information

Features and Applications
  • Ultra high oxygen barrier
  • Humidity resistant barrier coating
  • Excellent durability & flex crack resistance
  • Environmentally friendly, chlorine free barrier coating
  • Excellent surface characteristics for printing & laminating
  • Cost effective alternative to multi-layer EVOH & Nylon coextruded sealant films*
  • Meat, Cheese, Dairy, Snacks, Nutrition Bars, Cereal – includes all oxygen sensitive food packaging
  • Medical items requiring oxygen barrier packaging General Test
Physical Properties

404 ga Aluminum Oxide Polyester PET

404 ga +/- 10%

Typical Technical Values
Roll Tolerances

+/- 5%

+/- 0.0625 in (1/16th in)

Rolls must be transported and stored on protected surfaces.
Use caution when placing or removing roll from mandrel.