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691V Clear Polyester Overlaminate

  • Product Number: 691V
  • Face Finish: Clear
  • Film Mils: 0.92
  • Adhesive Mils: 0.5
  • Total Mils: 1.42
  • Available by 14" Master (5K only): Yes
  • Available by 60" Master (5K or longer): Yes
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691V Clear Polyester Overlaminate

Designed to reduce color fading caused by harmful UV light, this product is optimal for indoor and outdoor label applications such as bumper stickers, decals and nameplate decoration. Product 691V has been designed and tested to specifically meet UL standard 969 as an overlaminate for label applications (file number MH18515).

Product Technical Information

Features and Applications
  • Excellent acid, chemical, oil and scuff resistance.
  • Provides the ultimate UV resistance, maintains vibrant colors and protects label from deterioration.
  • Ideal for bumper stickers, window decals and outdoor applications.
  • Meets UL standard 969; File number MH18515.
Physical Properties

0.92 mil Clear Polyester (PET)

0.5 mil High Grade Clear Emulsion Acrylic

1.42 mil +/- 10%

Typical Technical Values
Roll Tolerances

+/- 5%

+/- 0.0625 in (1/16th in)

  • Two years when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
  • Rolls must be transported and stored on protected surfaces.
  • Use caution when placing or removing roll from mandrel.

RoHS, RoHS2, REACH, TSCA, CEPA, CONEG, California Proposition 65, FDA 21 CFR 175.105.