Meet the Team – Sarah Joseph

Meet the Team – Sarah Joseph

Position: I started in the coating department, went to customer service for about a year, then to scheduling, I currently work in order fulfillment/planning.

Years at acpo: 4 1/2

Responsibilities: review all orders, verify stock, inventory control

What you love about your job? I love that I have challenging tasks on a daily basis. I love inventory (I know, not considered a favorite for most people). Reviewing orders and doing everything I can to ensure that every order meets customer expectations.

What drew you to acpo originally? Being in a small town, I thought it was really neat that ACPO was supplying products to so many companies around the world. Looking at labels from so many every day products we all use and you think, wow I helped make that.

What you do for fun? I am married and have 3 boys that keep me busy. We love to do things together as a family. We enjoy camping, boating, snowmobiling, hunting, four-wheeling, sports and music.

What is your personal philosophy? Life’s too short so…..