Meet the Team – John Foster

Meet the Team – John Foster

Position: Coating Manager

Years at acpo: 5 wonderful years

Responsibilities: Oversee all of Coating operations; we have 5 simple rules:
1. Come to work every day.
2. Follow the rules, policies, processes and work instructions.
3. Control the things that you can control.
4. Communicate the things that you cannot control to management.
5. Last – Do your best.

What you love about your job? Working with the employees.

What drew you to acpo originally? I was drawn here because of the family environment and great management team.

What you do for fun? Work! I’m a family person, spending time with the wife and kids, thinking of work.

What is your personal philosophy? I respect employees by making myself available to try to answer questions they have. It gives me a chance to educate, but it also gives me a chance to be educated. I listen with my eyes as well as my ears.