Meet the Team- Cody Dunn

Meet the Team- Cody Dunn

Position: Shipping & Receiving

Years at acpo: 2

Responsibilities: Gather rolls for customer orders, scan into system, wrap pallets, and load trucks.

What you love about your job? I love the environment this company has created. Everyone helps everyone in need.

What drew you to acpo originally? A couple of friends of mine worked at acpo and told me about it. I think it is amazing as to what we do here.

What do you do for fun? Outside of work, I am a firefighter. I love to help others in need and to save lives. I also work on cars and love to shoot guns.

What is your personal philosophy? No matter how tough an obstacle or challenge is, when you think about giving up, just stop, take a deep breath, and re-analyze the situation.