Flexible Packaging Solutions


Making flexible packaging is easy when you have the correct components. Understanding each components function in creating the package is key.

For digital and flexo printers considering venturing into the world of flexible packaging the various components below are designed to meet your customer’s specifications.


Print Web

High Oxygen Barrier Coated

OxP420 –       48 ga Clear
OxP218 –       92 ga Clear
OxPM420 –    48 ga Matte

OxB336 – 90 ga Clear

No Barrier

943SSU – Matte Soft Feel PET

Sealing Web

FDA direct PSA 

BS27 –    1.4 mil Clear BOPP
CS15 –     2.4 mil Clear CPP
CSW15 –  2.4 mil White CPP


410HSU –  1.05 mil Clear BOPP
BS27U –    1.4 mil Clear BOPP
CS15U –     2.0 mil Clear CPP
CSW15U – 2.0 mil White CPP

Overlaminate Films – No Barrier, Non Heat Seal

Clear PET
648 – 48 ga film, self-wound, PS adhesive
648U – 48 ga

Matte PET
648M – 48 ga, self-wound, PS adhesive
648MU – 48 ga

Creating Flexible Packaging has never been easier. Click on the graphic below to learn more about how you can diversify your product line into this growing industry using your existing equipment. Contact the Sales Representative in your area for more information.












*In development. Contact your Account Manager to discuss your application.