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Flexible Packaging in 4 Easy Steps! #flexiblepackaging #barrierfilms


What are you packaging?

Some items to consider:

  • Oxygen permeability rate requirements (OTR)
  • Moisture permeability rate requirements (MVTR)
  • Aroma Barrier
  • Light Transmission (damage from UV)
  • Film preference (PET, OPP, PE, etc.)
  • Inks: current barrier is good for printing with solvent, UV and digital inks



Now you’ve chosen your print and sealing web films. What’s next?

Just a little bit of set up.

  • Replace your normal label stock with acpo Oxygen Barrier film (print web).
  • Reverse print directly onto the oxygen barrier film.
  • Turn your lamination station into a “sealing station”. Apply acpo sealing film (sealing web) to the barrier film as if you were laminating any other label substrate.


Without any added equipment, you’ve just created flexible packaging with your Digital or Flexographic press!


Now what?







The contract converter will take your printed material and form into pre-made pouches or bags ready to send to your customer.
A co-packer will use equipment not only to form the pouch, but also fill and seal.

Contact your sales representative for more information on the barrier films acpo offers.

Variable Data Printable Overlaminates

From small hometown grocers to large pharmaceutical companies, our line of variable data printable overlaminates gives end user the ability to print on site information such as expiration dates, lot codes and barcodes. We offer options for thermal transfer, hot stamp, Videojet® or laser printable.


Specialty Polyester Overlaminates

In addition to general purpose polyester self-wound overlaminates, acpo manufactures several specialty products. These products offer various benefits in addition to print and graphics protection on specific applications.

  • UV Screening/Durable
  • Thermal Transfer Printable
  • Laser Printable
  • Paint Mask
  • Removable Adhesives
  • Easy Release
  • Shelf Marking

Turn off the glare of fluorescent lighting with acpo matte finish barrier film OxPM420.

acpo OxPM420 barrier film offers a soft non-glare matte finish without sacrificing any color detail. Ideal for situations where a non-glare finish is required or specific lighting conditions cannot be controlled. Glare is one of the largest obstacle to packaging, but acpo OxPM420 soft, matte finish will ensure that your investment is fully visible.

The O2xBloc™ films were developed to meet the most stringent oxygen barrier requirements for flexible packaging.  These clear films will give converters a cost effective alternative to multi-layer and PVDC coated barrier films while providing ultra-high oxygen barrier properties, flex crack and thermal resistance to support high speed filling on packaging lines and pouch converting equipment.

  • Ultra high oxygen barrier
  • Humidity resistant barrier coating
  • Excellent durability & flex crack resistance
  • Environmentally friendly, chlorine free barrier coating
  • Excellent surface characteristics for printing & laminating
  • Cost effective alternative to multi-layer EVOH & Nylon coextruded sealant films*
  • Meat, Cheese, Dairy, Snacks, Nutrition Bars, Cereal – includes all oxygen sensitive food packaging
  • Medical items requiring oxygen barrier packaging

Contact your acpo sales representative for more details on OxPM420 or any of our barrier film options listed below.








New technologies and film solutions featured at #LabelExpo Europe last month.

At #LabelExpo Europe, old and new friends were excited with the many new technologies and film solutions for both narrow and wide web converters. The following patented products were featured:

O2XBLOC®:  Our super high O2X® barrier flexible packaging film is being trialed all over the world with great success and the show helped us grow our reach even more.

VAPureBLOC™: A natural supplement to our high moisture barrier line of flexible packaging films, VAPureBLOC™, launching in 2018.

Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies: Our Vizilok™, Vizilok™ Plus, Invizilok™, Invizilok™ Supreme, and Hidden Message product line received a lot of interest from those who are losing billions from illegal counterfeit products.  Your opportunity to help Brand Owners protect their product and market. We will be happy to support you with the information you need.

Glitter Lam- Our classy-glitzy technology making your package POP on the shelf. The Glitter Lam samples were literally flying out of the booth as it caught the eyes of visitors. We quickly ran out.

Sofsens™- Presenting the subtle, tactile sensation in self-wound form. Shipping all orders within a week, no more waiting for weeks.

Continuing to fulfill the commitment of our tag line: Films with Technology, Products with Purpose

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