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Flexible Packaging in 4 Easy Steps! #flexiblepackaging #barrierfilms


What are you packaging?

Some items to consider:

  • Oxygen permeability rate requirements (OTR)
  • Moisture permeability rate requirements (MVTR)
  • Aroma Barrier
  • Light Transmission (damage from UV)
  • Film preference (PET, OPP, PE, etc.)
  • Inks: current barrier is good for printing with solvent, UV and digital inks



Now you’ve chosen your print and sealing web films. What’s next?

Just a little bit of set up.

  • Replace your normal label stock with acpo Oxygen Barrier film (print web).
  • Reverse print directly onto the oxygen barrier film.
  • Turn your lamination station into a “sealing station”. Apply acpo sealing film (sealing web) to the barrier film as if you were laminating any other label substrate.


Without any added equipment, you’ve just created flexible packaging with your Digital or Flexographic press!


Now what?







The contract converter will take your printed material and form into pre-made pouches or bags ready to send to your customer.
A co-packer will use equipment not only to form the pouch, but also fill and seal.

Contact your sales representative for more information on the barrier films acpo offers.

Only the Best for acpo When it Comes to Corona Treatment Technology

With an eye firmly focused on the future, when it came time for acpo to install a corona treater on one of our several coating lines, we turned to the inventor, Vetaphone.

This is yet another step towards our continued growth in the flexible packaging market.  In addition tocoronatreater the new corona treater, we have recently purchased seven new state-of-the-art two meter slitters specifically designed to handle thin films at high speeds.  Two of the slitters have been installed at the Oak Harbor, OH location while others are in use at our facilities across the country.

Read more on why we chose Vetaphone here…


See you next week at Dscoop Phoenix!

acpo is proud to be a Gold Partner at Dscoop Phoenix.  Spend some time with us at Booth 801 and learn from our experts.  Here’s what you can expect to see:

Flexible Packaging
Narrow web digital and flexo printers – you too can make flexible packaging!
Printable, high oxygen barrier films
Heat sealable moisture barrier filmsUntitled-1

Overlaminates for Digital Labels

Durable labels
UV screening for outdoor labels
Thermal transfer & laser printable
Soft touch – high & low COF
General purpose PET & BOPP

Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeit

Multiple levels of security technologies available
Built right into our overlaminates
Easy to implement and verify

acpo Continues to Show Innovation at Labelexpo Americas

Oak Harbor, OH (16 September 2016) – acpo, ltd. unveiled their new line of barrier films and security technologies at Labelexpo Americas.  Recognizing the desire for innovative products in the label and flexible packaging markets, show visitors were among the first to see acpo’s new anti-counterfeit, soft touch and high barrier flexible packaging film products.

Counterfeiting costs brand owners and U.S. businesses over $250 billion annually.  To help combat this, acpo has developed multiple self-wound overlaminate products with embedded security features.  With options of hidden customized messages, visual and audible authentication or layered technologies, acpo makes anti-counterfeit measures easy to implement and verify.

As previously announced, acpo has partnered with Sun Chemical to provide SunBar coated films to flexible packaging converters.  These clear films will give converters a cost effective alternative to multi-layer and PVDC coated barrier films while providing ultra-high oxygen barrier properties, flex crack resistance and thermal resistance to support high speed filling on packaging lines and pouch converting equipment.  Excellent print reception will eliminate the need for a third layer which supports package lightweighting, economics and efficiency.

acpo’s soft touch films can be utilized on both labels and flexible packaging where a high end, luxury look and feel is desired.  The soft tactile sensation and matte finish will set the end product apart from others.

About acpo, ltd.

For over 30 years, acpo, ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying self-wound pressure sensitive coated films to the narrow web printing and converting market.  acpo overlaminates can be found on labels and flexible packaging products from the health and beauty industry to pharmaceuticals to pet food.  As the industry leader, acpo prides itself in maintaining the highest quality manufacturing standards while providing customers with superior products and exceptional service.  “Films with Technology.  Products with Purpose.”