Frank the Flexible Packaging Pug

The market is evolving to the point where the flexible package containing the product has become the label. Since the package is the label, many label printers are now considering venturing into the world of flexible packaging. One key transition element from label printer to flexible package maker using existing presses is in the selection of print and lamination substrates. This requires an understanding of each component of the package and some knowledge of what is available.

Ask Frank a Question

How do I know which films to chose for my customer?

There are several questions you’ll need to answer in order to determine which combination of films will be work for your flexible packaging needs.

What are you packaging?
What are the oxygen permeability rate (OTR) requirements?
What are the moisture permeability rate (MVTR) requirements?
Will you need an aroma barrier?
Will light transmission damage your product? Do you require UV protection?

Do I need to purchase additional equipment?

No, you can use your flexo or digital press. After you chose your print and sealing web films, there is just a little bit of set up required.

What products are ideal for acpo overlaminate films?

Dry food snacks, such as nuts, granola and energy bars
Pet food and treats
Dry Soup mix
Cake/Brownie mix
Powdered Sports Drinks
Cannabis packaging

Let's get real, how difficult is it to print flexible packaging on my equipment?

Once you’ve chosen your print and sealing web films all you have is a little bit of set up.

  1. Replace your normal label stock with acpo Oxygen Barrier film (print web).
  2. REVERSE print directly onto the Oxygen Barrier films.
  3. Turn your lamination station into a “sealing station”. Apply the acpo sealing film (sealing web) to the barrier film as if you were laminating any other label substrate.

I don't have a poucher, what are my options?

You’ve printed the pouches and now it’s time to convert your printed roll stock to a bag or pouch. If you don’t have the equipment to convert in-house, acpo can recommend a contract converter to form your pouches or bags.

Are your materials recycle ready?

When combining the same type of polymer throughout (for example a polypropylene barrier web + polypropylene sealing web) our films become recycle ready. While the materials are ready to recycle, the method for recycling is still in its infancy.

What are my face finish options?

White, Matte & Clear are available.